COVID-19 has provided numerous new opportunities for funding, which one is right for you?

The NIH website can be confusing and hard to navigate, so we've done it for you. In this free to download mind-map, you'll get a summary of which sections are currently offering COVID-19 related opportunities, details on the objective, contacts, and other notes, all in one place. 

Quickly Scan the Opportunities, All in One Place:

  • All funding opportunities are listed, organized by branch and organization, with links to the NIH website with the announcement 


  • Details for each opportunity are summarized, including research objectives, contact information, expiration dates, and other important notes.


  • Download the mindmap in common mindmap formats (XMind, MindMeister, FreeMind, MindManager, iThoughts, and Bubbl) OR Download a pdf of the map

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A Mind Map is a visual way of organizing thoughts and information. Using this software, you can zoom in or out on the information you need, easily showing just the relevant information. Mindmap software is available from various companies, some for free. 

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